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5 Ways to Decorate Home with Wallpaper

This holiday season, give your walls the makeover they deserve with beautiful and best Eximus wallpaper. With a wide range of patterns and colours of top-notch quality, there is a design to fit every area, regardless of style or personal preferences. With the advancement in technology, wallpapers are no longer limited to bedrooms and living rooms, they now work well in kitchens and bathrooms, allowing them to withstand humid environments.

You can find the wallpaper inspiration in our suggestions, and we also got some advice from professionals.

1.Let the entrance of your home scream your personality with bold wallpaper designs

The simplest method to make an impression in this previously dim or narrow corridor was to use bold wallpaper. Decorating a hallway is a whole different experience as it is the first impression of your style as soon as a visitor walks in. Interior designers describe hallways as the exquisite jewellery box in the cupboard, hence it is necessary to make it stand out. 

Not only does wallpaper add aesthetic interest to ephemeral places, but hallways also serve as a stage for showing your personality.

Check out more bold wallpaper designs with our all-new Graphic collection 

2. Enlarge small spaces with horizontal patterns and create mental illusions.

Adding a tricky pattern or two to your designs gives you an opportunity to create mental illusions and leave a lasting impact on your wallpapers.  Horizontal lines will elongate a small area and direct the eye down the hallway. These don’t have to be overt or too noticeable though; instead, you can discreetly lengthen your corridor by choosing a trendy textured design. Check out all horizontal pattern wallpapers in our Vector Collection 

3. Bring home Hawaiian Vibe!

Take it a step further and let nature wind its way across your walls if you enjoy having a large bouquet of flowers on your entry table to welcome guests. What better way to bring nature into your house with a floral wall or textured laminate in the hallway? Nature in full bloom boosts the mood with its energy and joy, and floral wallpaper brings depth and colour to an area that is sometimes ignored. 

4. Go back to the ancient roots!

Make the most of your historic home’s periodic details by utilising aesthetic wallpapers. Look for wallpapers that highlight the patterns in your favourite features, such as a distinctive piece of hallway lighting like a chandelier or a moulded plaster border. The wallpaper design in a lovely hallway space can mirror the pointed arch of the Gothic renaissance door.

5. Travel to the Picasso era with a mural 

Because hallways are essentially spaces that people use to go around a house, why not take them someplace spectacular? Because of its length, a corridor is an excellent location for mural wallpaper because it allows the entire scene to develop without interruption. A painted fantastic environment with fruit trees, hills, enormous lizards, and dancing unicorns can be seen in this huge hallway. A place for visitors to sit and the view is created by the inclusion of a seat by the entry table. 

Eximus Wallpapers also offers a variety of 3D wallpaper designs for walls, including romantic 3d wallpaper for bedroom walls and wallpapers for home and office walls.
Transform your space with the stunning range of wallpapers from Eximus, the first wallpaper manufacturer in India. With its exceptional quality, durability, and easy installation, Eximus wallpapers are the ideal choice for every home and commercial space.

Eximus Wallpaper is the pioneer wallpaper manufacturer in India, offering a diverse selection of stylish and affordable wallpapers for walls. As a leader in the industry, we are dedicated to creating high-quality products that blend design, luxury, and practicality.

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When choosing wallpaper, consider the style of your room, the amount of light it receives, and the intended use of the space. For example, a bold, patterned wallpaper may be suitable for a formal dining room, while a more subtle, neutral wallpaper may be better for a bedroom.
Before hanging wallpaper, it’s important to prepare your walls. This may include repairing any cracks or holes, sanding rough surfaces, and cleaning the walls to remove any dirt or dust. You should also remove any existing wallpaper or paint, as the new wallpaper may not adhere properly if these surfaces are not properly prepared.
The best approach will depend on the type of stain and the type of wallpaper you have. You can use a damp cloth or sponge to gently clean the stains. We can remove most stains by doing this unless the stains get absorbed in the paper itself.
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