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Bringing Back Glamour: Exploring the Art Deco Home Decor Style!

Elevate Your Space with Timeless Elegance and Bold Geometry!


Welcome to the world of enduring beauty and alluring design as we explore the alluring world of Art Deco home decor. Art Deco, which had its beginnings in the 1920s and 1930s, reflects an opulent and dazzling aesthetic that never ceases to motivate homeowners and interior designers alike. The core of Art Deco design, its defining characteristics, and how to incorporate this look into your home will all be covered in this blog. We will also highlight Eximus Wallpapers’ contribution to the introduction of wallpapers with an Art Deco aesthetic to improve the ambiance of your walls as we set out on this adventure. Eximus Wallpapers was the first wallpaper maker in India.

Understanding Art Deco:

During the interwar era, richness, geometric shapes, and streamlined forms gave rise to the architectural and design movement known as Art Deco. It draws influence from a variety of places, such as historic civilizations, distant cultures, and contemporary technological developments. Bold colours, expensive fabrics, and elaborate designs combine to create a sophisticated and glamorous look

Elements of Art Deco for Your Home

Include essential components that characterise the Art Deco aesthetic to embrace its beauty. Bold geometric motifs like chevrons, sunbursts, and stepped motifs are good places to start. Wallpaper, furniture upholstery, or decorative items can all feature these designs. Eximus Wallpapers, the top wallpaper producer in India, offers a stunning selection of wallpapers with Art Deco influences that are created expressly to make your walls come to life. Their collection brilliantly captures the essence of this legendary style with its elaborate motifs, metallic elements, and vibrant hues.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut elit tellus, luctus nec ullamcorper mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.

Pristine Finishes and Materials:

 Art Deco is renowned for its opulent finishes and materials. Employ elements like marble, polished wood, chrome, and lacquer to capture the elegance of the time. Your room will feel more opulent with furniture items that have sleek, curved shapes and are upholstered in pricey materials like velvet and silk. For a genuine Art Deco ambience, combine these components with ornamental accents that have mirrored surfaces, crystal accents, and exotic materials like shagreen or mother-of-pearl.

Colour Scheme:

 The Art Deco colour scheme features vibrant, contrasting colours. Choose striking hues including royal purple, emerald green, deep blue, and vivid yellow. To create a unified and dramatic area, these powerful hues can be harmonised with neutrals like cream, beige, or grey. To bring the spirit of Art Deco into your house, use these hues in statement pieces, furniture, or wallpaper.

Lighting and Accessories:

Lighting is very important in Art Deco design because it brings out the grandeur and elegance of the room. Include modern, geometric lighting fixtures like frosted or etched glass chandeliers or sconces. These fixtures will produce a subtle, diffused lighting that will give the space an air of enchantment. To complete the Art Deco style, add finishing touches like mirrored trays, sculptural vases, and geometrically patterned rugs to the lighting.

Making Art Deco Focal Points:

 Adopting the Art Deco style requires the incorporation of focal points. Use Eximus Wallpapers, a renowned wallpaper producer in India, to make a statement wall. Their collection features a wide variety of sophisticated designs that wonderfully encapsulate the spirit of Art Deco, including fan motifs, geometric shapes, and stylized flora. Pick a wallpaper that goes well with the room’s general colour scheme and furniture placement. Make the eye-catching patterns and metallic details the focal point of your room to capture the luxury and glamour of the Art Deco period.

Furniture with Sleek Lines:

 Art Deco furniture is distinguished by its geometric designs, plush upholstery, and smooth lines. Try to find furniture with curved silhouettes, including rounded sofas, club chairs, and sleek coffee tables. Furniture with exotic veneers, like Macassar ebony or bird’s eye maple, gives the room an air of elegance. To improve the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your furniture, add plush cushions and upholstery made of luxurious materials like velvet or satin.

Elegant Art Deco Accessories:

Carefully choose accessories that capture the glitz and elegance of the time to finish your Art Deco-inspired decor. Geometric shapes and mirrored surfaces are essential components of Art Deco architecture. Incorporate mirrors with artistic frames, such as sunburst or stepped patterns, to give the impression of more space and to offer a shimmering reflection. Display crystal vases, sculptural figurines, and artwork with an art deco feel to give the space a sense of refinement and elegance. To complete the look, do not forget to add geometrically patterned rugs or carpets.

Lighting with an Art Deco influence:

Lighting is an important part of the Art Deco aesthetic since it creates mood and improves atmosphere. Be on the lookout for lighting fixtures with clean, geometrical lines and metallic finishes. The gentle, diffused lighting from pendant lights and chandeliers with crystal embellishments or frosted glass shades radiates elegance. To create a cosy and welcoming ambiance, strategically position wall sconces with modern designs and art deco elements. Try out different lighting setups to draw attention to the architectural details and focal points in your room.

Art Deco in Other Rooms:

Although living rooms and dining rooms are frequently thought of when discussing Art Deco, other rooms in your house can also benefit from its allure. Choose an opulent upholstered bed with a headboard with geometric patterns for the bedroom, and add opulent bedside lamps. Include art deco-inspired bathroom fittings like angular faucets and mirrored cabinets. Geometric tiling, streamlined cabinets, and metallic accents can help your kitchen adopt the Art Deco look.

With its enduring brilliance and elegance, the Art Deco home design trend never ceases to enchant. You can turn your home into a gorgeous ode to this historic design era by adding important components like bold patterns, opulent materials, and the expertise of Eximus Wallpapers, the first wallpaper producer in India. Whether you decide to add a statement wall, spend money on modern furniture, or collect accessories with an art deco flair, let the style of the era infuse your house with sex and appeal. Accept the grandeur, geometry, and artistic flare of Art Deco, and observe as your home transforms into a reminder of a bygone period of glitz and style.

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Definitely! Concentrate on strategically merging important Art Deco components in a smaller area. Choose wallpaper with subtle geometric patterns, minimalist furniture to make the most of the available space, and mirrors to give the impression of depth and openness. Additionally, choosing furnishings and accents in lighter tones can contribute to the creation of an airy and roomy atmosphere.
Art deco favours vivid and striking hues. Think about employing royal purple, deep blue, emerald green, and vivid yellow as the main hues in your colour scheme. To create a balanced and eye-catching effect, combine them with neutrals like cream, beige, or grey. Remember, it is all about using colour to convey a sense of drama and glitz.
If you want to add Art Deco aspects to your bathroom, think about using geometric tiles, angular-shaped streamlined fixtures, and mirror accents. Select vanity units with stepped or curved curves or other art deco-inspired features. Additionally, enhancing the mood by including a touch of luxury with items like crystal soap dispensers or a vanity mirror designed in the art deco style.
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