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3 Easy Steps for installing wallpapers at home

Step 1: Preparation of the Wall

    The wall where you wish to place the wallpaper must be entirely dry and damp-free. In case it is damp, the best course of action, if it is damp, is to wipe it with a dry towel and wait for it to completely dry out. Also, make sure that there are no leakages in the wall.

    You should be aware that if the wall you are applying the wallpaper on is uneven, has large holes and inconsistencies, the application procedure and final result might not be flawless. Make sure to conceal all the defects in the wall by applying wall putty.

    To make sure that the walls are completely even and smooth, apply a coat of oil-based primer on the walls and even the surface with it. Priming the walls is essential to increase the life of both, your wall and your wallpaper.

    Step 2: Cut the Wallpaper to Size

      Measure the height of the wall and cut the roll of wallpaper into strips according to the length/height of the wall. Leave an additional buffer of 2 inches at the top and at the bottom to account for any errors. 

      It is better to lay out all the strips required for the wall on the floor before starting the application of glue. This helps in matching the pattern according to the needs of the design.

      Step 3: Hanging the wallpaper

        Once all the strips are cut to size, apply the glue either on the back of the wallpaper or on the wall where it is supposed to be pasted depending on the product. The glue can either be in powder form (which you will have to mix with water) or be in a premixed adhesive form (which is ready to use and usually of superior quality).

        Apply an even coat of glue as per the requirement. Avoid creasing of paper.Carry the strip of wallpaper to the wall and hang it carefully from top to bottom. Allow a little overlap on the ceiling and the floor.Using a smoothing brush or plastic smoother, remove any air bubbles and make sure all of the wallpaper has made good contact with the wall without distorting or stretching the wallpaper.

        Before moving onto the next strip of wallpaper, make sure to get rid of any residual glue that has popped from the sides or the top or the bottom.Repeat the procedure and align the next strips of wallpaper to the first one till you finish the wall as required.

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        Applying wallpaper directly to the wall is possible, but it is generally recommended to apply a primer or liner first. A primer or liner can help to create a smooth surface and prevent the wallpaper from adhering too strongly to the wall, making it easier to remove in the future.
        It is not recommended to use Fevicol or other PVA-based adhesives to paste wallpaper as they are not specifically designed for wallpaper application. Wallpaper adhesive is specially formulated to provide the necessary tackiness and flexibility to adhere the wallpaper to walls and is the best option for successful and long-lasting installation.
        The best glue for wallpaper is a wallpaper adhesive that is specifically designed for this purpose. Pre-mixed wallpaper paste or powdered adhesive that can be mixed with water are popular options. These adhesives have the necessary tackiness and flexibility to adhere wallpaper to walls and provide a secure and long-lasting hold.
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